Online programs in entomology and neuropathology

Online programs in entomology and neuropathology

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Do you find the little organisms that inhabit our planet with six, eight, or even no legs particularly fascinating? The most numerous and varied animals on Earth are nematodes and insects. That’s one of the reasons entomology and nematology have so many real-world applications across a variety of industries.

The University of Florida’s Entomology and Nematology Department offers four concentrations within our 30-credit, non-thesis master’s degree program, catering to your interests in pest management or the intriguing world of beekeeping. We also offer the opportunity to just complete the courses necessary for the master’s degree in entomology, with the remaining credits coming from authorized entomology and nematology electives.

Are you interested in a shorter program that nevertheless earns you a graduate degree from the world’s top entomology and nematology department? With four alternatives for 15 credits toward an online graduate certificate, we have you covered.

Naturally, there are still more options. You can enroll as a non-degree-seeking student to learn more about a certain subject before committing to a graduate school if you want to leave your options open and study up to two courses in the field of entomology.

These professionally designed, totally online programs may be finished at your speed and from any location. You may enroll whenever it’s convenient for you because there is no GRE requirement for admission and students are admitted year-round. There are classes offered in the fall, and spring.

Internet Laboratories

All of our courses, even the ones that call for a lab, are fully online. If a course asks you to gather insects, you may create your own at home using common household objects or buy a kit with basic ingredients. Instructions are supplied. Free online software is often used in laboratories that employ online simulations. No journey is necessary!

Higher Education Options

In actuality, there are a wide variety of possible job paths. Apart from pest control, which is a great option for people who prefer to solve problems and are environmental stewards, there are a variety of other career routes to think about:

Manager of integrated pest management (IPM) Biologist Ecologist
technician for pest control
postsecondary educator
Entomologist for public health Consultant; Research scientist
entomologist for veterinarians
postsecondary educator
Professionals in the domains of entomology and nematology are employed by several businesses, such as:

Governmental organizations
labs for research
The armed forces
higher education establishments
You will work outside, interact with like-minded people, and support ongoing research in these positions. Significantly, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that many jobs in these sectors have higher median wages and faster rates of occupational growth than the typical U.S. profession.

Credit Transfer

You can transfer your credits to one of our online graduate programs in entomology as a graduate or non-degree-seeking student in our program:

a graduate degree
Up to 15 credits from your certificate program may be used toward an entomology and nematology master’s degree.
You might be able to transfer up to 6 credits—two courses—that you have earned while not enrolled in a degree program if you decide to pursue a graduate certificate or master’s degree in entomology and nematology.
For the credits to transfer in any case, you have to apply, be accepted into the appropriate graduate program, and have completed the course(s) with a grade of “B” or above. Additionally, satisfactory TOEFL results are required for international students. Completing courses successfully does

Three Motives for Selecting UF

1. Global Distinction: According to the Center for World University Rankings, the University of Florida is home to the top-ranked entomology and nematology program in the world. In addition, U.S. News & World Report ranks the University of Florida among the best universities in several areas.

2. Program choices: Our 30-credit non-thesis master’s degree program offers four specializations, and our four 15-credit graduate certificate choices allow you to select a specialization or certificate that best suits your interests and career objectives. We provide a wide variety of courses covering entomology and nematology in our extensive program.

3. Reasonably priced Tuition: The online entomology and nematology degree at UF is the most reasonably priced in the nation when you enroll. Our graduate certificate costs just $7,870, while our master’s degree is reasonably priced at $15,740.



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