Master of Intelligence & National Security | The Bush School, Washington, D.C.

Master of Intelligence & National Security | The Bush School, Washington, D.C.


Students can obtain a Master of National Security and Intelligence (NSI) through the Diana Davis Spencer Program in National Security. Professionals in their early to mid-career stages who want to get ready for a diplomacy, intelligence, or national security job should apply for this degree. The degree program enhances students’ comprehension of intricate topics by providing them with demanding education and exposure to professionals in the field. Prominent academics and seasoned professionals facilitate in-depth classroom discussions, work together on research projects, and serve as mentors to students both within and outside the classroom.

The 42-credit-hour NSI program includes a language requirement and a final capstone project.

Language Requirement:

Language competence is necessary for many jobs in the national security and intelligence sectors. After the degree program, Bush School students are required to exhibit intermediate or above competency in a foreign language. Conversational learning and online language programming are offered at The Bush School DC.

Final Project:

The capstone project takes place toward the end of the degree program. A group of three to five students will work together on a project for a client on an issue focused on national security or intelligence. The project will allow students to gain real-world professional experience, as well as build networking opportunities, and can be shared with potential employers while creating a final product that helps the client.


There are six prerequisite courses in the curriculum:

American Foreign Policy, 605
606: Theory and Practice of International Politics
608: International Economy
652 – Intelligence’s Function in Security Matters
637: Techniques for Field Research
670: The Final Project
Additionally, students will take:

Four courses from their assigned track plus four courses chosen at random.


By the beginning of their first semester, students ought to have obtained a bachelor’s degree. Professional experience is not necessary.


Bush School DC is dedicated to assisting postgraduate students who wish to work in public service. The tuition at The Bush School DC is reasonably set at:

Cost: $1,300 per credit hour ($3,900 for a 3-credit course).

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