Cybercrime Investigation and Cybersecurity Programs:

Cybercrime Investigation and Cybersecurity Programs:
Programs in Cybercrime Investigation & Cybersecurity:
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Since the 1990s, conventional crime has decreased, while cybercrime has increased. The FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) reports that 4,883,231 complaints have been made between 2000 and 2019.

With a graduate certificate or master’s degree from Boston University in cybercrime investigation and cybersecurity, this is the ideal moment to get ready for these changes. Acquire proficiency in legal procedures, a useful understanding of digital investigations, and cybersecurity risk assessment policies. Select from the following on-campus and online courses:

Criminal Justice Master of Science program (online and on campus)
focus on cybersecurity and cybercrime investigation
Graduate Certificate in Cybersecurity and Cybercrime Investigation (online and on campus)
Since 1973, BU’s Metropolitan College has provided criminal justice education. It is one of the few universities in the nation to provide graduate programs based in the social sciences with a major emphasis on urban sociology, cities, and criminal justice. The tools and abilities you acquire at MET today may be instantly implemented in the work and will be relevant, helpful, and important to your professional progress for years to come since MET is focused on practical, perceptive, and adaptable knowledge.

The Main Arguments for Thinking About BU’s Cybercrime Investigation Programs

According to U.S. News & World Report, the nation’s Best Online Master’s in Criminal Justice Programs, 2024, the online Master of Science in Criminal Justice program is placed #3.
The Committee on National Security Systems (CNSS)-certified information security programs at Metropolitan College combine computer science and criminal justice courses in its interdisciplinary curriculum.
After completing the course, students can sit for forensic examiner tests.
You may manage your employment and personal obligations while attending to your education in convenient evenings or online forms.
To assist with the cost of your degree, MET provides merit scholarships.
Our instructors are dedicated to your success and share your enthusiasm for criminal justice. They bring subject-matter expertise, research-based understanding, and a wealth of field experience in law enforcement, cybercrime, the court system, and other areas to the classroom.

You may count on the professors to advise you during your program through academic assistance, career advice, and assistantships.
Ensuring essential connections with global criminal justice experts through diverse on-campus and online classes can lead to opportunities.
The graduate application costs, which are waived for current members of the American Jail Association (AJA), are $25 for graduate certificates and $85 for master’s degrees.

Develop Become a Successful Leader in Criminal Justice

The master’s concentration and graduate certificate in Cybercrime Investigation & Cybersecurity, which include courses in cybercrime, digital forensics and applied digital forensic investigation, and IT security policies and procedures, will equip you with the skills you need to succeed and progress in a field that presents progressively difficult challenges.

In addition, BU’s Metropolitan College provides graduate certifications in Crime Analysis, Criminal Justice, and Strategic Management, as well as emphases in these areas for Master of Science in Criminal Justice students.

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