Mary Trump Says Uncle’s Trial Will Backfire and That “It Won’t Play Well”

On Tuesday, Mary Trump explained why her uncle Donald Trump’s hush money trial will be a “unique” experience for him. She also issued a warning about which of his characteristics the jury is unlikely to find appealing.

She implied that because he won’t be in charge of the narrative or the proceedings in court, the presumed GOP presidential nominee would be “totally unprepared” for what’s to come.

When he believes that the walls are closing, the former president “freaks out.” Mary Trump told MSNBC’s Katie Phang, “He freaks out and acts out when he feels thwarted because he so rarely ever has been.”

The “ancient and pretty sophisticated psyche that goes back to his boyhood,” she said, “is the reason the cows are finally coming home when he

During the trial, which started on Monday, Mary Trump, a psychologist and outspoken opponent of her cousin, warned that “certain traits that tend to play well with” his base—like “his thuggishness” and “lack of impulse control”—might come back to haunt him.

It won’t sit well with the people who don’t attend his rallies, the people who don’t tune in frequently, and the people who are kind of seeing this for the first time, she predicted. “We’re going to see Donald thinking that he’s being tough and just looking immature,” she predicted.

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