Tips to Start a Hookah

A kind of water pipe called a hookah can be employed to smoke flavored tobacco. Middle Easterners invented hookahs, which have gained prominence in the US in recent years. We’ll convince ourselves how to smoke a smoking device called a hookah pipe in this post. Learn how to light your hookah, select the best tobacco products, and prepare the burning materials by continuing to read.

Prepare My Hookah

There are a few things you need to know, but getting started with a hookah turns out to be extremely easy. Before anything else first, take off the tip of the mouthpiece and unscrew the hookah’s base. Next, pour cold water into the base until the fill line is reached.

To avoid water absorption into the tobacco products and affecting their flavor, make sure the fill line is not exceeded. After that, place the top of the stem into the base following attach the rubber grommet to it. Reinstall the mouthpiece and screw the hookah’s base onto it now.

Select Your Materials

The marketplace is currently filled with a wide variety of hookah embers. Natural coal is the most widely used and cost-effective kind of hookah coal. Considering they have the greatest flavor and are the most consistent, natural coals are quite popular.

There are two types of environmentally friendly coals readily accessible: fast lighting and natural. Pre-lit coals with a rapid heat-up period are called fast lights. They are simple to ignite. Natural coals may take a bit longer to light since they are not pre-lit, but the warmth that they produce lasts longer.

Because they are straightforward to light and continue to provide uninterrupted heat, briquettes made of charcoal are becoming increasingly common among hookah those using it. They may, however, come at a somewhat higher cost than genuine coals.

A more recent variety of coal that has recently gained popularity among hookah smokers is electric coal. They are available in an array of sizes, shapes, and colors and are made out of a porous substance. For customers who like a rapid and simple heat-up time, electric coals are a wonderful option. Because they can be plugged into an outlet and don’t require illumination they’re also an excellent selection for any individual looking for constant heat.

Select your coals following your tastes. Electric coals are the greatest alternative if you want a rapid and straightforward heat-up time. Natural coals are the greatest option if you want heat that continues indefinitely.

Employ the Proper Methodology

You’ll need tobacco, carbon dioxide water, and a hookah pipe to smoke one. Gently put the piece of tobacco into the bowl after completing it. Avoid packing it with too much force because that may restrict airflow and make smoking challenging.

After lighting the charcoal, give it ten minutes or so to warm up. Pour the heated charcoal atop the tobacco in the bowl.

It’s time for everything to light up now! Inhale through putting your lips over the pipe’s top aperture. The smoke will enter your lungs as a result of this. Whenever you’re done smoking, gently release the emissions via your mouth or nose. A hookah pipe can be smoked in two different ways: by sucking softly or forcefully.

Certain individuals discover that the flavor of the smoke improves with gentler breathing and becomes harsher with stronger sucking. Try a few different things until you find what suits you the best.

The charcoal will need to be replenished, so make sure to keep an eye on it. The charcoal has to be replenished when it stops smoldering.


Lastly, rejuvenation is the period you spend drinking juice, a glass of water, or whatever else you want to help clear your palate of flavors completing a hookah. The procedure is crucial because it gets rid of the tobacco taste from your lips so that you can enjoy pleasures in the future without getting the taste of the past interfering with them.


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